Matevž PoljancComputer science student at University of Cambridge

BA Hons (2nd Year)
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/Who Am I

Welcome to my pages! I’m a second year Computer Science student at the University of Cambridge.

Knowledge of computer science is the modern superpower and I would like to make world a better place by using it. I am especially interested in cybersecurity, entrepreneurship and inspiring as many young students for computer science as possible.

However, I am a person of thousand interests. I used to be a wedding photographer before coming to university and am still very interested in photography and film. I also enjoy playing the guitar, listening to music and doing sports (mainly football and rowing).


/What I know

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor

- Elon Musk -


/My entire career

Oct 2015

Computer Science Tripos

Pembroke College, University of Cambridge

Overall grade in first year: 2.i

Matura (Slovenian national examination)

Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, Ljubljana

Achieved highest grades in Mathematics, Informatics, English and Chemistry

Jul 2015
Jan 2017

Founder & Back-end Developer

LendOne, Cambridge

One of the founders of start-up LendOne and developing backend in Node.js for new product that is coming soon!

Ticketing Officer

Pembroke College May Ball

Implementing ticketing system for Pemborke May Ball (expected to sell over 1000 tickets)

Nov 2016
Sep 2016


Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, Ljubljana

Teaching online course of competitive programming for students that are preparing for competitions (qualifications for ACSL, CEOI and IOI).

Website developer

Spin d.o.o., Kranj

Develop promotional website with support for existing customers (notifications and software updates) for a software company

Jul 2015
Sep 2014


Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, Ljubljana

Taught extra-curricular programming course in Python for beginners.

Extracuricular Activities
Oct 2016

Captain of Lower Boats

Pembroke College Boat Club

Responsible for organizing trainings for 30 novices.

CEO & App Developer

Junior Achievement - Youth Enterprise Europe

Took part in European project set on encouraging youth enterprise. Gathered group of 5 programmers and founded a company which developed Android app

Sep 2014